February 1, 2011

Six Types Of Cool Red Leather Bag By Fanny Parker

Red leather bag is the universal bag for woman. They are made from good quality leather. Nevertheless many of them are made from PVC. They are different in terms of materials, finishes and design. However it is not difficult to get them in the market.

1. Graveling Osmosis Red Leather Handbag

This is an incredible red leather bag. They are made from top grain cowhide leather. They appear smart and elegance. However the handbag attached with comprehensive item like cell phone pocket and excellent zip. The handbag also captivated with one adaptable shoulder strap.

2. Fleming Jusaco Red Leather Bag

This superior red leather bag is made from super soft and supple leather. The bag completed with two inside pockets and exterior side mesh sacks. They are also finished with quality stitching. They are one of the signature bags of the year.

3. Alexander Red Leather Bag

This is a functional and practical red leather bag. They are made of half canvas and half leather. The bag is attached with two pen holders and eight credit card slide pockets. Thus they also connected with two exterior pockets and three mini interior pockets. The overall weight of this exclusive bag is 2.5 lbs.

4. Samantha Fin Red Leather Bag

This is a fun and cute red leather bag. They can use for casual activities. The bag is small and portable. They can be used as backpack too. The design is simple but nice. They only comprise of one main compartment and two side mesh pockets.

5. Germany Charmile Red Leather Tote Bag

This is a pleasant looking and presentable red leather tote bag. The bag is suitable to use for shopping and unplanned activities. They are finished with two slip pockets and interior zipped pocket. Thus they also attached with one flexible shoulder strap.

6. Propaganda Glazed Red Leather Bag

This red leather bag is as glamour as diamond. They are the fashionable bag among young woman. They are made from top grain leather and have been completed with quality work. The bag is attached with double straps for the ease of carrying.

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