February 2, 2011

Simply Red - How To Make The Colour Red Work In Your Life By Jackie A De Burca

Simply red; that simple yet powerful primary colour, added into bedroom decor could be likened to putting a packet of firelighters, with a dash of petrol into your love life. Sounds exciting, but think about how quickly the fire would start and then how it may simmer down too quickly as well.
Using the bedroom as an example, red in the right amounts there can do wonders for romance, love making and general feelings of warmth. Yet heed the warning, that a small bit of red can often go a long way. You may think this seems over the top, but some sporting stars have been known to wear red to gain an advantage over their opponents. Red is simply one of those colours that can greatly influence many aspects of your life, even if you are not aware of it.
Moving out of the bedroom...well at least for a while, how is red in other living environments? Regardless of whether it is on clothes, interior decoration, billboard advertisements, buildings, packaging-depending on the shade and quantity of red it has the potential to make a person feel energised. However energised can tip over into highly energised, and depending on the person, the day that they are having, this could lead to an excess of energy which may come across as aggression in some cases. Even if the person tries to contain it within themselves, there could be that kind of overloaded with caffeine feeling that red can sometimes give.
So this means that in some rooms of the house it is best to have only very small injections of red, or none at all; whereas in other rooms of the house a bit more can be excellent to keep a feeling of energy and activity. In other words if there are rooms in the house for play and activity, or work where one needs to keep active, these are good candidates for red. Yet it must be balanced in every single room, taking into account the size of the room, the light that it gets, what other colours will be added by painting, curtains or blinds and accessories?
Red is known to stimulate passions as well as promoting feelings of determination and courage. It is an active colour, which can make people feel more assertive, courageous and passionate. Red can be exotic, warm and dramatic.
In order to benefit from the potential positive effects of red, add it in gradually to your environment. See how it fits the personalities of the users of the house or workplace. In the right doses it can work wonders, but an overdose can be like a red rag to a bull! Try simple ideas such as funky, retro kitchen wall plaques or colourful door knobs, which inject small bits of red. Match it up with some red lampshades and candles, for an atmospheric safe way to experience red.
Jackie is passionate about colours and their effects. Every day the colours we absorb can either help or hinder us. She recommends MadMolly, a website where you can buy Bombay Duck door knobs or retro kitchen wall plaques, both of which are good for injecting hints of red.

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