April 1, 2011

Ladies Leather Handbags By Nicole Roberts

Women have several things that they like to buy and handbags are one accessory that all women will own and often you will have more than one. Ladies leather handbags are very popular and there are several different styles, designs and colors to choose from. You can get them in classic styles and leather styles are often found in black and brown although you can find them in various different colors these days.
Ladies leather handbags can be found in several different styles to suit all ages and types of women you will find a style that will suit every outfit you own. You can find them in several different sizes from small leather clutch bags to large over the shoulder handbags. The larger style ones are ideal for women who need to carry a lot of stuff with them and can be ideal to ensure that you keep everything together. Smaller style leather purses are great for evenings out and special occasions although you cannot fit as much in them they look amazing.
Leather handbags are much better quality than other styles of handbags and you will need to think about this when deciding what ladies handbags to choose. You should look for a top quality leather one that will last you some time and be able to cope with day to day living. Buying cheaper handbags will result in you needing to replace them often and they will fade and look worn very quickly. Leather handbags and leather purses make the ideal gift for your loved ones and you will be able to find a design that suits their personality.
Although black and dark brown leather handbags may seem boring they will be guaranteed to go with several different outfits. You can use them during the day and also at night and they always look timeless and classic. Ladies leather handbags can be found in designer styles and although these are more expensive they are of a much higher standard. You can find leather purses in designer boutiques as well as high street stores and which ones you choose will depend on your budget. There are some very affordable leather bags which look as amazing and you will be happy with your purchase.
You have to consider what style of ladies leather handbags to purchase and although it may be tempting to buy the latest fashion purse you have to think about how long it will last. Trends will come and go and although your bright red leather purses may look great for a few months will you still think they look as good after a while. You should also consider your own body shape when choosing your leather handbag. A round handbag will look great on a taller lady and if you are more rounded then a square ladies leather handbags will look great.
Whatever leather purses and handbags you choose you will love the look and feel of the bags and they will be a wardrobe essential for many years. You will be delighted with your purchase and when you buy ladies leather handbags you will know that you are buying quality whether you buy it in a store or online.
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February 15, 2011

pet also love red ! :D

To Fall in Love in Red Leather Handbags By Yaya Shemen

The leather handbag announces that you are indeed a grown-up, but you still like to play. Many years ago, on vacation, I went thrift store shopping. You never know just what you'll find, and that day I scored one of my biggest second hand conquests ever: a red leather Prada tote for under $10. It was perfect. It became my constant companion for two or three years, until the leather on one of the handles developed a crack in it. I still have it, however, and still use it sometimes. I consider it to be the most stylish possible accompaniment to the classic white blouse/blue jeans combination.
Of course, many if not all designers make red leather handbags. They know how red leathr takes a classic look and gives it just the slightest interesting twist. And the right shade of red can work wonderfully as a neutral, particularly with fall and winter clothes. In a liquid patent leather finish the red bag is the perfect bag to carry on a date. It's dressier than regular leather, and a little more rebellious.
If you've ever managed to get your hands on a red leather Birkin bag by Hermes, then I salute you! Vintage versions go for over $10,000! This is the bag that a woman could conceivably carry from age 25 to age 95 and always look right. But regardless of brand, it is hard to go wrong with a red leather handbag. From the tiniest evening clutch to the biggest leather slouch bag.
When you carry red leather [http://mens-bag.com/red-leather-handbags], you stand out as a woman who loves being a woman and who isn't afraid to show it.
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February 7, 2011

Large Red Handbags Are Definitely Functional and Absolutely Aesthetic By Pam Matias

Customarily, women use handbags regularly for the main reason of carrying essential personal stuff which they cannot do without while out of the house. In the present generation when fashion is in, the handbags have greatly evolved from the most basic to the fancier kinds. There is now a much wider variety these days, available in many standard shapes, dazzling colors, and attention-grabbing designs. Though handbags are commonly used by women, the males already have their own line of handbags, too, as being practical especially nowadays knows no bounds.
On the whole, large red handbags feature very functional, and also aesthetic purposes. One of these can carry more necessary stuff ranging from the usual cosmetics, toiletries, gadgets, bills, keys, and wallet, to the not-regularly-brought extra clothes, shoes, laptop, and some important handy equipment. For a mom or a dad, a large handbag can also hold baby's things like extra nappies, a feeding bottle, and a few clothes. The said bag's big space can accommodate a day's essentials, or even more. This is a very handy accessory for somebody who is always on the go.
Combining the benefits of large handbags to the bold red color, the result is doubly immense. Whether these handbags are tote bags, bucket bags, backpacks, purses, baguette bags, accordion bags, etc., and whether designer bags or not, the aforementioned combination gives more advantages to any user. The color red is definitely quite attractive, trendy, and fashionable.
Red is said to go along with almost any color. To this, large red handbags go so well with any color of clothes and shoes, but they best complement dark-colored clothes like dark blue, dark gray, and dark green, as well as light tones like sky blue, lime green, light yellow, cream, and pink. Of course, red blends very well with the neutral white, and also black. Furthermore, red should ideally not be used together with neon colors, and other loud colors. However, such would actually be up to the actual users; it all depends on them what to wear with their respective handbags. To each user, what is most important is having a prominent, loud color which is elegant, eye-catching, and truly fashionable, while having an excellent means of bringing more necessary things conveniently together in one bag.
Aside from highlighting the user's overall fashionably stunning look, it is certain to catch attention. And even if this large red handbag is not paired with red shoes, it is still absolutely striking in itself. Red leather handbagswill always make a fashion statement and will be in style more often than not.

ohh like this ! DIY red petal bag .

Red Clutch Bag - The Attention Grabber By Eu Wern Teh

A Clutch bag is a case or bag used by women to fill personal items. It comes in various colors and sizes. And it is a must-have item for a woman as it increases her charm and attractiveness.

Red Clutch Bag - Why is it special?
Red is a color that brings attention. It symbolizes confidence, passion, and love. Having a red clutch bag will surely bring you in the center of attention in any occasions. If you do not want to sink in the background in your upcoming party or celebration, selecting a red bag would be a recommendation.
Apart from that, the sex appeal associated with the color red is undeniable, and red clutches serve to amplify that to a great degree. Besides, red clutches can look very sexy and undoubtedly famine with matching accessories.

Materials and Prices
These bags can be made from various materials ranging from PVC to high-end leather. A PVC type will cost you less and it will cost you more if you choose to buy a red leather clutch. The better the quality of the material, the higher the price of the clutch. Besides, the other determinant factor of price is the brand.

The storage capacity of a clutch is actually surprisingly adequate for keeping your regular items. You can fit your personal items like your lipstick, comb, face powder, car key and your cell phone inside your red clutch bag. However if you want to fit in large items like a book or something similar, then a clutch will fail you.

Where to get them?
You can get a red clutch bag at your local direct selling stores or a branded bag store. However the mark up price is usually higher than the one you found in the online marketplace. My recommendation is to check out the local stores first to a get a feel on your selected clutch bag. Once you have decided, you can simply make your order online. You must always compare your the price of the clutches in different online retail outlets before committing to purchasing it. Shopping online will give you the edge of having vast variety of choices and extremely low price.
There are lots of online retail store that sells red clutch bag. But i highly recommend Clutch-Bag.com as they not only have vast variety of clutch bags, they have daily discount (up to 75%) for every item you purchase. Besides Clutch-Bag.com has tonnes of reviews for all their items and their shipping is handled by Amazon.com.

February 2, 2011

again . red bags ! ohh i want them badly !

Red Leather Handbag Guide By Penny Kate

Red leather handbags are becoming a very popular fashion item. If you walk down the street now you will find that a lot of women are using this style of handbag. Leather is a great option for any type of bag because of its durability. There is nothing worse than buying a new item, and then finding out that it won’t last the test of time, and you have effectively wasted your money. Leather will never do this, and as long as its real, you will have a bag for life. Red is also becoming a very popular colour for handbags, and there are so many girls now using one. With a lot of styles to choose from you will be sure to find th eone that suits your needs, and your style.

Styles Of Red Leather Handbags

There are many different styles of handbags out there to choose from and it is pretty important that you know what you are looking for before you go out and buy it. If you don’t know what you are getting before you go, then you can spend a lot of unnecessary time and money, which are things that we don’t have. Have a clear idea all what you want before you go and you will end up with a handbag that suits you.

Red Leather Hobo Handbag

Hobo hands bags are really quite popular now and you are seeing a lot more of the red leather hobo handbag popping up around the place. A hobo handbag is typically quite big, and it has a relaxed posture and a long strap. You can fit quite a lot into it and it is becoming a very popular choice amongst the fashion industry. 

Red Patent Leather Handbag

 A popular choice is a red patent leather handbag. Patent leather is made form real leather, however it has a finish on top of it. Originally this was made from various oils, and lacquers such as shellac, and a colour, which is most commonly red or black. However nowadays modern patent leather is finished with acrylic and polyurethane, which gives a longer lasting leather. It is also more resilient to cracking. You can also get a lot of things in fake patent leather, which is generally finished, in plastic. 

How To Take Care Of Red Leather Handbags

It is really important that you care for your red leather handbag properly. If you don’t then it will not last as long as it should, you may as well get the most out of your purchase! The first thing you need to know is that you should clean them with a proper leather cleaner. These are available at most bags store. The only time that you should not clean them with this, is if you have a bag that is vachetta leather, or untreated leather. You should clean your bags quite often. You shouldn’t wait until they look dirty. When you are going to store it and not use it for a while you should stuff it. It will hold its shape a lot better, and you will have a better-looking bag for longer. Don’t squeeze them into a small place, because they will deform slightly over time. If you can you should store them in a dust bag, and if you want you can waterproof your ba by getting a water repellent and spraying it with it. This is not always necessary but some people like it as an added touch. 

i choose red ! dont miss this red bags ! :)

Simply Red - How To Make The Colour Red Work In Your Life By Jackie A De Burca

Simply red; that simple yet powerful primary colour, added into bedroom decor could be likened to putting a packet of firelighters, with a dash of petrol into your love life. Sounds exciting, but think about how quickly the fire would start and then how it may simmer down too quickly as well.
Using the bedroom as an example, red in the right amounts there can do wonders for romance, love making and general feelings of warmth. Yet heed the warning, that a small bit of red can often go a long way. You may think this seems over the top, but some sporting stars have been known to wear red to gain an advantage over their opponents. Red is simply one of those colours that can greatly influence many aspects of your life, even if you are not aware of it.
Moving out of the bedroom...well at least for a while, how is red in other living environments? Regardless of whether it is on clothes, interior decoration, billboard advertisements, buildings, packaging-depending on the shade and quantity of red it has the potential to make a person feel energised. However energised can tip over into highly energised, and depending on the person, the day that they are having, this could lead to an excess of energy which may come across as aggression in some cases. Even if the person tries to contain it within themselves, there could be that kind of overloaded with caffeine feeling that red can sometimes give.
So this means that in some rooms of the house it is best to have only very small injections of red, or none at all; whereas in other rooms of the house a bit more can be excellent to keep a feeling of energy and activity. In other words if there are rooms in the house for play and activity, or work where one needs to keep active, these are good candidates for red. Yet it must be balanced in every single room, taking into account the size of the room, the light that it gets, what other colours will be added by painting, curtains or blinds and accessories?
Red is known to stimulate passions as well as promoting feelings of determination and courage. It is an active colour, which can make people feel more assertive, courageous and passionate. Red can be exotic, warm and dramatic.
In order to benefit from the potential positive effects of red, add it in gradually to your environment. See how it fits the personalities of the users of the house or workplace. In the right doses it can work wonders, but an overdose can be like a red rag to a bull! Try simple ideas such as funky, retro kitchen wall plaques or colourful door knobs, which inject small bits of red. Match it up with some red lampshades and candles, for an atmospheric safe way to experience red.
Jackie is passionate about colours and their effects. Every day the colours we absorb can either help or hinder us. She recommends MadMolly, a website where you can buy Bombay Duck door knobs or retro kitchen wall plaques, both of which are good for injecting hints of red.

Why and How to Choose the Best Red Handbag By Sarah Pucci

A red handbag has been a very popular accessory all around the world for a while now. Other than the huge compatibility, that these red handbags have going for them, with all sorts of different outfits, women also love the fact that they can choose from a massive collection out there.
There is no doubt that every reputed designer loves creating new red handbag collections for every season. They are all striving to come up with unique designs and shapes within the handbag fashion, and in fact, you'll notice that most of them tend to concentrate on making red handbags. You can find a red handbag to fit your wardrobe choices no matter what your preferred size and shape is.
Much like most handbags, you can find a red handbag that's small, medium or large. Since the red color will complement your clothing, all you need to do is find a red handbag that can complement your body shape. Most stores nowadays categorize their products with respect to their brands and sizes, which can make finding that great handbag easier!
So, allow me to unfold my shopping rules. Whether you consider your outfit or your body shape to be the most important factors when it comes to shopping, the easiest thing that you can do to jump start your search is to settle on a brand. You can easily find out which brand is the most popular by running a search online.
Even though all designers make red handbags, you need to choose the best to make a favorable impression. Sure, they might be a bit pricier than no branded red handbags, but they rightfully deserve their price and the respected position that those brands have achieved as fashion trend setters. So, chances are that you might need to spend a little extra cash in order to get the ideal handbag, but the result will be surely worth it.
In some cases, you don't need to worry too much about getting that perfect fashion accessory, but trust me, when it comes to handbags - that's not the case. Make sure that your red handbag is just right for you and goes well with the rest of your stylistic choices!
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Find tips on how to shop online for red handbags and how to get the best prices for your chosen accessories!

February 1, 2011

Beige Plus Red Gucci Leather Handbag Review By Marqus Smith

The Beige Plus Gucci Leather Handbag is one of the products in the Gucci 'canvas' bags family. This is a family it shares with among other bags, the Babouska Evening Bag Gucci Bag, the Gucci Bag, the Gucci Hobbo Series, the Joy Large Boston (193602) Gucci Bag and the Sabrina Red (189848) Red Gucci bag, among others. I am quite a bit fan of Gucci bags, which I have been using for quite a number of years now. But of all Gucci bags that I have gotten to make use, it is the Beige Plus Red Gucci Leather Handbag, which I only had the opportunity to use recently, that I have found myself most enchanted with.
When you first come across a Beige Plus Red Gucci Leather Handbag, the first impression you get of it is that it is an elegant bag. As name suggests, the main colors on it are beige and red. But the red is used very sparingly, lest the bag become too 'loud;' so that it is the beige (which is largely a 'quiet color') that comes out most strongly on the bag. The red only occurs on a strip towards the center of the bag, and on its handle; definitely making a statement but not 'dominating the show.'
Beige Plus Gucci Leather Handbag is quite a huge bag. At 17.7 inches in width, 15.3 inches in height, and 3.4 inches in depth, that is the only way you can describe this bag. These dimensions make it a darling for the 'large handbag' enthusiasts. It is also an ideal bag for ladies who may not necessarily be big handbag fanatics; but who nonetheless want a bag in which they can fit their wares quite comfortably.
The trim on Beige Plus Red Gucci Leather Handbag is red in color, and is made from leather. The advantage of leather trim (as opposed, for instance, to synthetic-material based trim) is that leather trim is truly durable. This is important, for it is at the edges of bags, the points covered by trim, that bags tend to fall apart.
Contrary to what one would first expects, it turns out that Beige Plus Red Gucci Leather Handbag is quite an affordable bag.
To make for comfortable carriage of the bag, Gucci provides the users of Beige Plus Red Gucci Leather Handbag with a handle, actually a double handle, made from leather through which the bag can be carried. A leather handle, in addition to being strong, is also remarkably comfortable to the hands of the person handling it.
The hardware on Beige Plus Red Gucci Leather Handbag is made from a light tone of gold. The hardware we are looking at here includes the zipper (Beige Plus Red Gucci Leather Handbag has a number of zips, on the inside and the outside); which are the closure mechanisms Gucci provides the users of this bag with.
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some RED handbags by GUCCI ! cool :)

Six Types Of Cool Red Leather Bag By Fanny Parker

Red leather bag is the universal bag for woman. They are made from good quality leather. Nevertheless many of them are made from PVC. They are different in terms of materials, finishes and design. However it is not difficult to get them in the market.

1. Graveling Osmosis Red Leather Handbag

This is an incredible red leather bag. They are made from top grain cowhide leather. They appear smart and elegance. However the handbag attached with comprehensive item like cell phone pocket and excellent zip. The handbag also captivated with one adaptable shoulder strap.

2. Fleming Jusaco Red Leather Bag

This superior red leather bag is made from super soft and supple leather. The bag completed with two inside pockets and exterior side mesh sacks. They are also finished with quality stitching. They are one of the signature bags of the year.

3. Alexander Red Leather Bag

This is a functional and practical red leather bag. They are made of half canvas and half leather. The bag is attached with two pen holders and eight credit card slide pockets. Thus they also connected with two exterior pockets and three mini interior pockets. The overall weight of this exclusive bag is 2.5 lbs.

4. Samantha Fin Red Leather Bag

This is a fun and cute red leather bag. They can use for casual activities. The bag is small and portable. They can be used as backpack too. The design is simple but nice. They only comprise of one main compartment and two side mesh pockets.

5. Germany Charmile Red Leather Tote Bag

This is a pleasant looking and presentable red leather tote bag. The bag is suitable to use for shopping and unplanned activities. They are finished with two slip pockets and interior zipped pocket. Thus they also attached with one flexible shoulder strap.

6. Propaganda Glazed Red Leather Bag

This red leather bag is as glamour as diamond. They are the fashionable bag among young woman. They are made from top grain leather and have been completed with quality work. The bag is attached with double straps for the ease of carrying.

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